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Our work in "Penthouse Puerta Santa María"

Our work in "Penthouse Puerta Santa María"

05 August 2019


Would you like to know first-hand how we do all the work? We´d love to tell you.

It's finally perfect and we can boast!

Yes, we are talking about our opportunity "Ático Puerta Santa Maria", and it´s astounding result.

It is one of the opportunities where we have worked the hardest, as we did a complete renovation of the apartment, and that is not an easy task.

First, we had some paper work done before focusing on the full renovation. We had to:

  • Change of ownership of deliveries.
  • Registration of the tourist license.
  • Sign up for the internet connection.
  • Empty the entire house of old furniture.
  • Take the decision about what to renew.
  • Request different offers from various contractors.
  • Application for all the necessary permits in the city of Cádiz. 

Once we had all the above, we chose the best contractor and got down to work:

  • Design of the renovation.
  • Choice of materials and colors for tiles, floors, kitchen furniture, etc

As far as the design of the renovation is concerned, more efforts have been made in the course of the restructuring of the bathroom to make it more spacious and functional. That's why we decided to install a larger shower so the guests could enjoy a relaxing shower. We have changed the position of the washbasin and placed it where the bidet is located, giving us more space.


In addition, there was choice of materials and colors. We have decided to create a pleasant and neutral environment with a palette of grays and whites that look great with decoration in black details.

As soon as the work started, we also worked on all sorts of ideas for decoration. Therefore, we started to carry out the following tasks so that after completing the reform everything was ready.

  • We were looking for large kitchen appliances.
  • We designed the furniture.
  • We acquired decoration and furniture.
  • We bought everything that tourists might need for a pleasant stay (kitchen utensils, towels, sheets, duvets, blankets, toaster, juicer, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron, etc.).

As I said, we wanted to play with grayscale, but in contrast we chose furniture in gray, white and black tones. We wanted the flat to be more spacious, brighter and at the same time comfortable without losing functionality.

In lighting, shelves and decoration we maintained black contrasts. In addition, the placement of various plants is thought out to warm the environment.


Finally, everything stopped being a shopping list and become reality. The work was over and we sent everything to the apartment. There, our team took care of assembly process and put the finishing touches.


The last tasks we did were:

  • The execution of attractive photographs that capture the essence of the house.
  • Creation of profiles on the different apartment rental platforms and their administration to receive reservations.
  • Market study to determine the price of the stay. 

Finally! After all this work our first guests arrived on the 30th of July. A beautiful couple who was astonished the moment they saw the apartment and we were happier than ever when we saw that our work had a fruitful reward. 

We hope that it also pleases our investors and all #brickstarteros. Soon we will have new opportunities and more news.


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