Get the best return from your real estate investment

Get the best return from your real estate investment

Why Brickstarter?

We are specialists in the management of vacation rental properties. We scan the whole real estate market to find the best investment opportunities. We analyze data from websites such as Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, Idealista, to know the Return of a property.

Maximum Return in vacation rental properties

Investing in vacation rental properties is the most profitable form of real estate investment

The most profitable real estate investment

We perform Big Data analysis of vacation rentals websites such as Airbnb, Booking, Homeaway, etc... to determine which type of property generates more income according to its location and typology. We also analyse the database of real estate websites, to calculate the optimal purchase price, as well as the future price projection of the property. Our goal is to maximize profit.
Through this analysis we determine which property is more profitable: which has greater capacity to obtain revenue, greater potential for revaluation and better acquisition price.

That's how it works

Maximizing you investment returns starts with a minimum investment of € 50.

From the moment you invest in a project, until the project starts operations, you will earn 5% APR of the amount invested so you start earning from the very beginning.


Starts with a minimum investment

Once the best property is selected, we open an investment period so that investors can invest from € 50 in that property.


We improve the property

Once the opportunity is fully funded, we renovate it and decorate it to make it attractive for the tourists and therefore try to get the most out of it.


The apartment gets operational

We also use big data analysis to determine the best rental policies in order to maximize income.


Best part? We take care of everything

We choose the best manager for each apartment, and work hand on hand in order to get the best occupancy rate and customer satisfaction ratios. As an investor you can visualize your investment performance and Return month by month in your dashboard.


The process concludes when the property is sold

We sell the revalued apartment as soon as possible and distribute the capital gains on the sale to all the investors, that increases the rental income

On one hand, you will receive monthly benefits from renting the apartment to tourist and, when the property is sold, you will be able to receive the surplus of your investment. Using Big Data analysis, we estimate the best selling time.

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