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New investment opportunities coming soon….

New investment opportunities coming soon….

12 Februar 2020


We are constantly searching the market, visiting, studying and making offers to existing opportunities. 

Although we always have some interesting opportunities at reach, sometimes we rather wait for a better one, for an opportunity that´s truly an outstanding one. Second to none.

This is the reason you may not find (eventually) any opportunity opened for investment. 

It would be very easy for us, to post one of the literally thousands of opportunities out there. It would be profitable for us. But that´s not the way we do business.

Brickstarter is the first investor in all our opportunities, we develop them and manage them from day one till it´s sold. That´s why we are only looking for the best opportunities, because we want the best for you, as it will be best for us in the long run.

Somehow, we believe that not having an open opportunity is very good news. 

Brickstarter has grown and has changed in many ways, but our compromise with our investors has not changed a bit. If it is not good for you, it´s not good for Brickstarter. And we´d rather not invest than invest in a second-class opportunity.

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We are positive we will publish a new opportunity very soon!


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