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10 reasons to invest with Brickstarter

10 reasons to invest with Brickstarter

09 Dezember 2020


Brickstarter has a unique business model, where investment safety is paramount.

  1. Brickstarter has been an active investment platform since 2017, giving away more than 800 thousand euros to its investors, and with no investment defaults.
  2. Brickstarter only publishes its own developed opportunities, in order to avoid developer risk.
  3. Brickstarter opportunities have no liabilities whatsoever (no mortgage, no bank debt, etc…). Your investment is safe.
  4. Brickstarter has a very active marketplace where investors can sell their investments at any time.
  5. Investors get monthly interest from renting the apartment but also they will get capital appreciation interest when the apartment is sold.
  6. Brickstarter is the first investor in all its opportunities. All the opportunities are “skin in the game”.
  7. The investment collateral is the opportunity itself. In case of default, the investor will capitalize his investment and became the owner of the apartment
  8. Investing in real estate is the safest form of investment.
  9. Brickstarter makes real estate investment easier for investors who will benefit from the real estate market correction due to the coronavirus. Brickstarter will be launching new opportunities every month.
  10. Brickstarter has developed its own algorithm based on big data in order to find the best investment opportunities.

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