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New functionality: Autoinvest

New functionality: Autoinvest

28 October 2022


At Brickstarter, we are very happy to announce our new auto-invest feature for all of our investors. This feature will help you to get the most out of your money.

This new feature will allow you to automatically invest, not only in our new opportunities but also in our marketplace. Auto-invest will let you set your preferences and not worry about missing any investment opportunities.  

If you have set up the auto-invest feature in the past, please log back in to make sure it is still active, as we have had to reset some old orders because it was a product under development.

It is now in beta mode, so only one order per investor can be set up. More orders per investor will be available soon. 


First of all, it is important to note that auto-invest is a tool that is not activated by default. It is a new additional service available to those investors who wish to use it. You will have to activate it and configure it according to your preferences. If you do not activate it, you will continue to invest as usual.

Auto-invest is a very powerful tool that will allow you to obtain maximum profitability from your investments. It is designed and created so that your funds are invested automatically.

This can be useful in different circumstances, such as, automatically reinvesting the interest you receive from our properties, or making sure you invest in the new opportunities that are published without having to keep an eye on our website.

As you know, available funds in your wallets, whether they are new funds or interest collected, do not produce any kind of return. However, from now on, and once the auto-invest is configured, these funds can be invested automatically whenever there is an investment available that matches your selected preferences. Therefore, interest and earned capital gains will be automatically reinvested, obtaining the maximum return on your investment and obtaining the advantages of compound interest.

You can also set up auto-invest to create your own real estate portfolio, investing new funds on a regular basis. To do so, you will have to establish automatic periodic transfers from your bank to your Brickstarter account, so auto-invest can automatically invest these new funds in the available opportunities, according to your preferences.

From now on, you can rely on auto-invest in order not to miss any new investment opportunities and make sure that your funds are invested following your preferences. This way you can create your real estate portfolio in a fast, effective, and above all much more comfortable way.

Auto-invest orders will be the first investment orders that will be launched automatically when new opportunities are published. Therefore, you will be the first investor in each new opportunity, making sure your funds are always invested.


Our auto-invest configuration is very flexible and allows us to set our investment preferences in a very specific way, according to our needs. 

By default, it is deactivated, so in order to activate it we will have to take the following steps:

  1. Open the drop-down menu that appears under your name and click on any button, (except the "log out" button). You will be redirected to the dashboard, where new options will appear.  Look for the "market" section and click on "Auto invest".
  2. Step 1
  3. Once inside the "auto-invest" section, there will be different options to configure your orders. step 2
  4. Firstly, you will have to choose the total amount to finance, which refers to the total amount of money you want to invest.
  5. The minimum and maximum investment refer to the investment limits you set for each opportunity. For example, you can decide that from the total amount you have in your balance, 10 050 euros, for instance, you don´t want to invest more than 2000 euros in the same opportunity. Therefore the total amount will be invested in at least 6 different opportunities that meet the selected criteria.
  6. 4-eng
  7. If you have a preference for a specific city you can select that using the city field. New cities will be added in the future. You can also select to invest in all opportunities so auto-invest is executed regardless of the location of the property.5-1
  8. You can limit the time span of your investment order by setting a date when the auto-invest will automatically stop.                  
  9. 6-eng
  10. Here you can set the minimum IRR of your investments. If the action is executed on the primary market, the IRR estimated by us for the project will be taken into account. If the share is traded on our marketplace, the calculation is a little more complicated as it will also take into account the published selling price, which can be cheaper or more expensive than the nominal price, which increases or reduces the IRR respectively.  Step 8
  11. The developer of the property will always be Brickstarter, so you can select any option. Finally, it is important to activate the auto-invest order by selecting the active status.
  12. step 9

In Brickstarter we continue working to offer new features to our investors. The auto-invest is currently in beta mode and we are already working on future improvements. If you have any questions about how it works, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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